Gay life in Austria

The gay community is organized in all larger cities: Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Graz.

Vienna has the largest population and the main LGBT organization is HOSI, which stands for Vienna Homosexual Initiative. It is involved in all the major events, especially the Rainbow Parade and the Rainbow Ball. It is also vigilant and watchful for homophobia and human rights abuses. It was the main driving force behind the government legislation that approved registered same-sex partnerships in 2009.

gay life in Austria

Salzburg: The gay scene in this musical city is something not visible at first sight. There are only a few bars that are meeting points for gays and lesbians but people in general are open-minded. The Town Centre and Schallmoos districts are where gays like to congregate.

Even if the picturesque streets of Salzburg’s historic city center seem to be filled with heterosexual baroque and Mozart fans at first glance, there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you take a closer look on the streets and squares, in the parks, cafés and bars you’ll discover an active gay and lesbian scene among the city’s 150,000 residents.

Linz: The Linz gay guide greets visitors with this: “Dear visitors of Linz. The Linz city guide ‘Gay-in-Linz’ is finally here. Issue 2 is now available at all Gay and Gay-friendly hot spots. From gastronomy to culture to shopping and to beautiful people. A rich cultural and natural life are an important part of urban life quality here. You will be surprised by the eclectic offerings.

It is modern city full of dynamism and high quality of life. You can relax in the green oasis and resting places of the city. Linz is a stage both for theater and music at its finest, as well as contemporary art, history and science museums. In addition to attractive architecture–modern glass buildings to historic stucco facades–culinary arts are not too short either.

Innsbruck: Gay and lesbian visitors to Austria will love Innsbruck, with a perfect setting in the Alps, many restaurants and GLBT nightlife, and perfect setting in Alpine ski country. Lovely Innsbruck is Austria’s fifth biggest city but possibly its most perfectly situated, on the banks of the River Inn (the town’s name means “Bridge on the Inn”) and nestled in the foothills of the Alps.