Dating Gays in Austria

Austria hasn’t exactly been at the vanguard of LGBT rights, having long been influenced by Roman Catholicism and reluctant to embrace more liberal attitudes. However, the country has been moving in the right direction, bestowing more rights to members of the LGBT community.

gay marriage in Austria

In many parts Austria is a modern and progressive country, but concerning acceptance of homosexuals or gay rights Austria was considered to be very conservative till the recent past.

Both in the past and in the present, gays have played a prominent role in Vienna’s public life. And while Vienna does not have a single predominantly gay and lesbian neighborhood, the city has a quite lively and diverse gay and lesbian scene. Don’t expect a large number of “gay only” places in Vienna, but rather an abundance of “gay friendly” and mixed places throughout town. Though many historic figures that have helped shape the city in centuries past are left in an historical closet, Vienna’s young gay couples can be seen walking hand-in-hand along the Ringstrasse Boulevard.

The city of Salzburg is impressive and romantic at the same time! Loving couples should not miss a romantic walk over the Salzburg’s city mountains – and enjoy a great view over the centre of Salzburg, which is also the hotspot for the gay scene, from the panoramic viewpoints along the way.